The whole picture can never be seen.  We are not given the ability to escape the coordinate of space and time because they define our own reality. The opposites define our understanding of reality.  Complexity rules the understanding of any give situation or entity of any kind.  We live in an age in which our most secured beliefs and credos are being stripped away from us and torn apart, replaced by uncertainty and fear.  Yet, none of our dearest beliefs is actually destroyed; rather they are revisited, questioned and reassessed.  Nothing is unrelated from all that has been before.  The present is a fragment in the continuum of time.  It latches back to the past and announces the future.  And what is the future if not the projection of our imagination, of what it may be, of what we dare dream about?  A mere phantom who lives in a world that cannot be seen anywhere but in our mind's eye?  A fiction of our imagination, one may say.  And yet, this fiction will concretize itself into the present of tomorrow.

The work humbly seeks to open a dialogue with this phantom, defining it in the concreteness of duality, and yet inviting the invisible and infinite possibilities of which our mind only is capable.  It seeks to create a niche in which we can rest and contemplate, to open an entry through which we observe without thinking, look without analyzing, let imagination supercedes pragmatism and find balance in the fragility of complexity and uncertainty.
My art is a reflection of hope and a memorial to that which we all strive for: balance.  It lives in the space between the opposites that define its corporeality. It uses tension to define serenity.  It challenges the schemas by which we define reality.  It defies a rational definition because what it is about is that which cannot be seen.  It reminds us that what we see in only one aspect of the whole picture.